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Fake People in Fashion Shows

Ever wanted to spot your competition in fashion shows? Some people won’t even be aware at all! You know why? They’re FAKE. They’re bots made by Fantage.

Update: There are also bots in games.


Fantage puts these fakes accounts in fashion shows because in any server, mostly empty, they hardly fill up. These bots always take up space. They can also host fashion shows. Sometimes, in empty servers, nobody ever hosts. A bot hosts so a fashion show can take place. Remember when you would always yell “START!” to a judge? Sometimes, they couldn’t even see what you were saying.

How long?

Fantage has been doing this since 2009, or, since I joined – which I was aware of.

How can I tell?

1) Their name. A bot’s username is very obvious.

2) During the show, bots usually have every item ever sold at Vintage Gold. I have yet to see a bot with Level Locked Items!









____-lol (noted by stephany2014)

____-boo (^)


_____-rox (katiepie122)


The first part is almost always a name.



2) They NEVER speak.

3) Look at their skin and eye color before the fashion show starts. Now, after the theme, look at it. Fantage automatically changes it to the palest skin and the original eyes.

Comments on: "Fake People in Fashion Shows" (30)

  1. Yeah I also considered that,they appear in Chez Fantage also so no one could click them yeah we cant click people in Chez Fantage and in fashion shows too!

  2. At the end “lol” is also used

  3. every time THIS HAPPENS when i am in a Fashion show but how doo you know?? also how r they made if there bots? basically some dress up like nons and then they change randomly and they r MEMBERs??????????

    • We don’t know if their members because you can’t ever click them. Fantage makes them and puts random clothes in their inventory so that fashion shows can actually start and the competition is fair enough. Lots of people know because you never see them leave the fashion shows, their usernames, etc….

  4. oh…… hehehhe well yea well mostly when i go to random servers and go to a fashion i mostly see this users , ragnar_sk8ter , and marcell_rox and this other one i tink its umm tatiana_cookie…but basically like lets say u or somebody says a ” BLUE PLZZ” they dont usually do it ….

  5. but they can be members but how come they dont come outside just only in fashions shows?

  6. Just considered boo is also used at last.Oh and ya maybe they play a single fashion show and rip off Fantage for once or else I don’t know.They just stay in the area where the ropes are tied not more than that.

  7. Maybe Fantage likes to be silent cause they are adults LOL just kidding don’t take it seriously maybe they are on safe chat or either don’t like to talk.

  8. it is totally true! one time I asked this guy to b my wun and then he finished dressing, then his eyes and skin changed!!!!

  9. i mean why! why did fantage make bots for? thats just random and creepy.. OwO ._.

  10. Yeah for uncrowded servers fashion shows are less held.So of course it will need people to full the fashion show limit and they are in each and every single server you can keep an eye on them at the Chez Fantage and fashion shows too of course.

  11. What I actually mean is if fashion shows are held in less crowded servers it will need some people to full the limit and start playing.There are problems for people who play fashion show at less crowded servers because there aren’t many people so Fantage introduced these bots to full the limit of players of fashion show in less crowded servers and even on crowded too when someone isn’t entering your fashion show.Maybe i am maybe that’s why Fantage made these bots otherwise there isnt any proper reason.And yeah if someone isn’t hosting any fashion show they come and host it.1 annoying thing is they give mostly difficult theme but winning a difficult theme is also challenging.So that is probably the reason Fantage made these bots.Sorry its too long.

  12. That makes sense! Whenever I play fashion shows, the usernames always seem familiar.

  13. Yeah because they come everyday and in each and every fashion show.There will be atleast 2-3 bots in a fashion show.Most fashion show’s have bots playing and whenever the person who doesn’t know that it is a bot asks for their winning theme but the bots don’t choose what they say and sometimes people lose and leave the fashion show.

  14. that is true cuz when ever i go to an empty server and go on a fashion show, when the theme comes up i quickly get changed in like 6 seonds and the others have like a billion items on they have already finished before me and im like OMG how did they do that!

  15. awesome_fantagian said:

    ive noticed that in chez fantage there are always two waiters or waitresses and they leave every two minutes so a new one can replace them and always two customers but if you are one of the customers or waitresses one customer or waitress disappears… If both customers/waiters/waitresses are real people then there are no bots. I think this is so if you are working there you will always have customers and if you are a customer there will always be someone serving you.

  16. Today I logged in after reading this, and went to Top Models. One the way, I ran into two Fantagians with the same username a bot would have. I looked at the fashion shows that I could join, and ALL of the hosts were BOTS! I joined one, as the third to join, and two other people joined, with me. I waited for the end. I knew that I wouldn’t leave. The last theme came! I couldn’t wait! I wondered what I would see. All of a sudden, everything froze, my connection wast lost, and I couldn’t reconnect! There goes everything I just hoped for!

  17. One awkward thing if the selected theme is repeated for example “blue” they dont remain same they change clothes and sometimes it does not actually match the theme.

  18. cleopatra_star said:

    Notice in the Bots only join the 2014 edition 3 times in 1 fashion show…

  19. Oh my goodness I knew it!! I’ve tried hosting a fashion show a few times and while waiting, I try to make small talk to the two or three people who usually automatically join the contest and they just walk around. I waited for near an hour expecting someone to leave by then and know one had. That’s when I wondered if they were fake people and now I know. Thank you!

  20. I kinda hate it, they shouldnt change their eyes and skin like that, its just freaky, and i had a feeling they were fake. But if they win, it annoys me.

    • Ikr(Why should they win?)- but I think it’s because of this fact I realized:
      Every single item ever sold in Vintage Gold is automatically added to the robot’s accounts- so they have A LOT of items. Unfortunately for them, they don’t have any Level Locked Items, which is a great advantage! (This also explains why I saw a robot wearing Cool Cat Hair before the show started)

  21. I’ve noticed that there is also fake people when you play book it or bucket. I’m always like, ” Say hi or I won’t start.” But they never answer. It gets annoying since they always win.

  22. I find also that in fashion shows 3 bots turn up and you need two real people to begin the fashion show – or are they fake ones that feel sorry for you? lol

  23. Olimpia_blonde is one, she always appears at my fashion shows. This happens since I started playing in 2010, bit creepy

  24. Yeah like when I’m playing off the hook, random people who weren’t even in the gym just pop up and join my game. I think this is because there aren’t enough REAL players in the server, or no one really wants to join my game. Btw they have like the cheesiest names ever lol

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