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A Taste of Spring

            Spring is here, and spring break has just begun for me! And with spring comes new additions to Fantage- MyMall Updates, exclusive items, you name it. Don’t forget, if you’re entering the user-inspired prom theme contest, you need to have your designs submitted by next Wednesday!  Also, there is a brief free premium membership period this weekend exclusively. While two days doesn’t seem like much, those of you who are usually non members like me should experience as many benefits of being a premium member as possible!

So, as the weather is warming, it’s time to switch wardrobes! Here are some spring theme outfits I put together:

  1. Spring Dream


This is basically a correlation of different types of items that to me captured a bright sort of blossoming image regarding spring.

2. Golden Lily


3. Spring Classic


I hope you liked these ideas, feel free to comment some of your own! ❤




Recently, Fantage has released a new Valentine’s theme event! It’s quite simple, so I’ll just brief it over. Basically, there are two teams-Strawberries and Hearts. ValentinesDay

Each team has to compete with each other to collect the stamps for Michelle, which are scattered around Fantage every 10 minutes. If waiting that long is too difficult, a quick way is to buy stamps with gold, although really, there isn’t any need to do so.


10 stamps for 1000 gold, so 1 stamp=100 gold.

The more stamps collected, the higher your Valentine’s Event Medal will level up. The winning team, as usual, gets to pick a prize, many of which are previously released, retired items. There are also new limited items, which are pretty well done! Two more parts have yet to be released. Here are two outfits I’ve styled with the new items:


-NEW limited Valentines Hair with Headband

-NEW limited Maroon Top with Pink Dots

-Retired Red Hot Jeans

-Limited Angel Feather Board

-Fancy Gold Purse (from Le Shop)

-Very Rare Midnight Black Heels(from Orion’s)


-NEW limited Valentines Hair with Headband

-NEW limited Maroon Top with Pink Dots

-Tan Shorts(from Le Shop)

-NEW limited Sweetheart Accessory

-Very Rare Shiny Black Heels(from Orion’s)

-Rare Mini Board(from Orion’s)


Note: All items are coined or for non-members, as I am not a premium member.

Hope you enjoyed this post! ❤

Feel free to share with me your opinion in the comments!

Adventures in Wonderland

The traditional Fantage event, Adventures in Wonderland is back. But like the other events recently, Fantage employees appear to be in a rush:



Basic misspelling…

The thing about the Queen’s attack sounds interesting…

In Wonderland, everything is mostly the same. There’s only one Limited Item costume- Premium only, but available for all who have Gold.



The prices are pretty reasonable. You’re basically a walking deck of cards.

You can still eat mushrooms to change size! Although if you have the lucky scepter thing from Lucky Bot, don’t buy it, unless you want to be even bigger.


There’s literally nothing to do at the Rose Wall anymore. It used to bustle with activity with people painting roses, but, now…


So for now, it’s just a place for people to hang out.


I came from a house-garden!

P.S. You might have noticed I changed my name from amyasuna to amy_creesan, but that’s because I let a friend of mine share my account. But only I post on Fantage Artist.

~Stay tuned to Fantage Artist

❤ Asuna

My Last Post

Princess Moomoo, you were and are one of my inspirations when I began my journey as a blogger. I’m sorry you had to go but I want to say you are one of the few in a million bloggers who really know how to connect with your viewers, and learn to lift yourself up from the ground. Thanks now and forever for the friendly welcome you gave me the first time I commented on your blog when I discovered it 2 years ago.
Goodbye Moomoo
May your future be filled with happiness!


Hello everyone. It’s been a while, and I’m not quite sure where to start.

I want to apologize for leaving for nearly three months without any explanation. Something rather unfortunate happened in real life that required my full attention, and, well, let’s just leave it at that, for my own privacy and to spare you from a long boring story.

I’m (again) amazed that this blog has continued to be active during my absence, whether it be through views, comments, or asks. You all are truly the most wonderful bunch of people I have ever met online. It’s difficult to express how extremely grateful I am to have met you all, merely by typing some words on my keyboard, but please believe that I mean every word I’m typing in the most sincere way.

Many of you have already come to the conclusion that I won’t be returning to blog. As…

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Fantage Happy New Year’s


1) What’s your most important New Year’s Resolution?

2) Your favorite part about 2014(doesn’t have to be on Fantage)

And of course- Thanks to every single blogger who continued visiting this blog for another long year!


I can hardly believe it – 2014 is gone, down the drain! 2015 is approaching, and meanwhile let’s see what Fantage wants us to do…

Automatically when you log in you receive a free accessory from Fantage. Blue for boys, pink for girls. Since this year there are no Limited Items I can only assume this is a substitute..?


Like other events, all the fun is located at the Beach. Strange, though, isn’t it? Usually Fantage hosts the dropping of the New Years ball at the Castle.

Basically, there are four activities available:




1) Watch the ball drop- 12:00 AM Fantage Time

2)”Make” your own fireworks. 20 Gold each. They do look quite nice.

3) As I mentioned before, a free gift.

4) New Year’s Resolution Print-out.

There’s not much to do this year in this event…hopefully Fantage’s New Year’s resolutions will include adding more events games.. OuO

Types of Fireworks:



The third one really reminds me of Elsa’s snow powers…


To use your Firework, click the “Launch Fireworks” button on the far left side of your screen:



Yeah, well I don’t have any now…I’ll just use the free ones over to the side…




Yup. Well enjoy and stay tuned for more news on Fantage Artist!


MyMall Overview

Okay, so I’ve noticed I’ve never really had a chat about MyMall…


⇒MyMall came to Fantage in May of 2014; along with it came a new currency called “Gold”

⇒Shortly afterword, Fantage noticed that VG and MyMall couldn’t be on Fantage at the same time, due to various understandable reasons(Too competitive, for instance – people selling the exact same stuff in MyMall for more or less than the VG price)

⇒People thought MyMall would be the new, refined version of Trade N’ Sell

Let’s do a comparison check:

TnS- Much higher prices, stars and ecoins worth much more, Admins Peabody and M sold items there, and scamming became a large problem for most Fantagians. Oh yes- Gold did not exist.

Here’s an example of the worth of stars:


MM- Much lower prices, generally – stars and ecoins worth a lot less than Gold, no Admins selling items, scamming still a problem, though not as large an issue as before – because you can’t really do the “double trade”, it’s more like a “buy trade”.

Even if you do a “buy trade”, someone scams you, and you no longer have the item, you still get some Gold as a profit(Minimum 500 Gold or more), unlike in TnS, when someone scams you, you lose the item without getting anything in exchange at all.

Currently, the only ways to get Gold is to buy it from Fantage, earn some on your Android( honestly, these days it’s more IPhone and Samsung… — maybe that’s the point; most people still can’t get “free” Gold), or earn Gold profits from selling items with your free 24-hour pass from the new and improved Daily Attendance.

Now, currently, Fantage has managed to squeeze in Gold as a third currency, but I’m pretty sure one of these days, either Ecoins or Stars are going away(Personally, I think it’s going to be Ecoins)


(Picture of a luxury item’s current price in currency comparison from Le Shop)


These are  all the benefits of Gold and MyMall-(Currently)

Now, let’s have a vote:

Comment below which was your favorite buy/sell/trade shop in Uptown over the years:

1) Vintage Shop(2011) ⇐ Not sure when it was opened, because it left shortly after I joined in 2011. Vintage Shop sold items like Blonde Intriguing Hair, Secretary Hair, etc.

2) TnS(2011-2013) ⇐ Very popular, the ultimate scamming machine.

3)Vintage Gold(2013-2014) ⇐ Sold various popular items for reasonable prices(CC, BB, etc.)

4) MyMall(2014) ⇐ Lots of items sold for much lower prices than in TnS, less scamming.

5) Premium Boutique(2014) ⇐ Beneficial toward members who wish to spend less stars.




Fantage Happy Holidays

The very first thing I have to point out about this entire situation is the name…

Over the years, it’s always been:


HOliday 2


I think they ran out of “B” words to describe events…also notice the Fantage elf from 2012 and 2013 isn’t here this year.  😦





Awesome Membership discounts-


30,000,000 users-


Holiday Train-




That pic of Blizzy in the corner reminds me SO MUCH of Olaf ◕‿◕

Sadly, but of course, this entire set is for PMs only(can be purchased only with stars or Gold), unless you’re a non with a heap of Gold. 😉

I miss typing “can be purchased with stars or Ecoins” ;'(

Anyhow, the prices:




Now let’s go to Mt.Fantage for a surprise:


YES ! The Christmas tree HAS arrived, Mr.Scrooge.


The bright yellow, encircled objects are prizes.

Simple rules:


Basically, every 15 mins you get either a Snowman Face(it’s more of a body, but whatever) or a Snowman nose. Combining the two, you’ll receive an event medal.


And for each snowman you create after that, you get a small prize. Most of these are moodies or accessories, but while I was making this post, a girl screamed that she supposedly got a hunk of Gold from the tree…

Yeah, that’s pretty much it…maybe you’re thinking what I’m thinking: This event was kind of BORING ? NEARLY POINTLESS ? I don’t know…the previous Christmas events had a lot more holiday jazz and games. 🙂

Stay tuned for more news on Fantage Artist!



Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! As you know, Fantage scrambled up an event for Thanksgiving…if you call it one. Basically, they mashed up Limited Items, games, and an obstacle course.

The button is on the left side of your screen:


Here’s what it looks like:


I’m the glowing yellow blob.

 Basically, instead of “When you’re ready come and get it”(Selena Gomez) this obstacle course screams “If you have mounds of Gold, come and get it”. Each day, non members receive 3 feathers and members receive 5. These are basically similar to tickets that allow you to go somewhere. Each day, depending on what you are on Fantage, you get a special amount of turns each day.

Along the course, if you stop on a square with pictures of a treasure chest, gems, feathers, or Lucky Bot and Crazy Combo images, you get a chance to redeem the prize. Of course, since Fantage probably had to scramble this event up, they had to make it harder to get prizes. They took a bunch of games from Thanksgiving events before, like they brought back the pie-making game from 2011.

If you run out of feathers, and you have extra Gold and you don’t feel like waiting another 24 hours before your next free round of feathers, click the “Buy” button.


50 Gold for a feather. If you’re buying more than one, here are the choices:


I honestly don’t get why anyone would want 50 feathers. 5 or 10 I can understand, but…

Moving on to the other button. Many people are probably wondering what this “Gift” thing is. Basically, you can send feathers to one of your buddies who has been playing Fantage for at least a month. The feathers still cost 50 Gold.


Names blurred for privacy

(Yes, my editing is horrible)

That’s it for the Thanksgiving event!

Moving on~

You’ve all heard of the new Clubhouse by now. For the firs time in forever(I swear, everyone still uses that phrase) Fantage actually asked for our opinion. Sadly, the Clubhouse replaced Zac’s theater. At least at the Theater, non members could try out member items in the stage rooms. (There was an all access dressing room)

Ta da this is what the fabulous new clubhouse appears to look like:


I was very shocked, looking at some of the club rooms…(because Fantage has always tried to keep out events from the real world and keep it as nice and kiddish as possible)


I can’t say much, though, cause I love anime! The only disappointing thing I can really point out about the Clubhouse is that Fantage doesn’t allow us to post photos that overgo an amount of 2k. ( Not a lot)

Speaking of Fantage intertwining with the real world….


If you’re wondering what on earth this is, this is a Lego© set based on Fantage’s fashion shows. This is weird – if I actually see this thing somewhere while I’m Black Friday shopping, I’ll do a facepalm.

And another effort to step into reality:

Give us cars. Yes, give us cars, Fantage – who cares if more than half of the players are under aged to have a driver’s license?

At least they have somewhat realistic names and designs:



When it says “jaw-dropping” are they talking about the car or the price? My jaw is dropping because of the price, what about you?

Here’s the new furniture set that was released soon after:



It’s actually quite nice, though a bit pricy for furniture. At least they bothered making some of the items non member. 🙂

That’s it for now, enjoy your Holiday Break(if you have one) and stay tuned to Fantage Artist for more news!


Comment your thoughts below-






Halloween Event! “Attack of the Little Monsters 2014” <– notice how this year they added the date.


Happy Early Halloween, guys! While you have nothing to do before the Trick or Treating this month, let’s see what Fantage has summed up and called “event.”

Basically, you got “transformed” into a random monster, and then you try to find candy for rewards. That was awkward…usually, Fantage would have made the us take candy AWAY from the monsters.

I got turned into a vamp. How nice.


Like I said, you try to collect as much candy as you can for your team. If your team succeeds in winning that day, the next day you can choose a prize: a rare item. PMs get two, good for you. The items go from Sapphire worthy to Diamond worthy, I think. When the item you chose is  in your inventory, it’s starred.

Rare Items

If it’s greyed-out, you can’t get it:


Shame. I fancied a new costume. :`(

Here’s my starred prize:


Yeah, I know most of you already have it, but I’m lazy when it comes to earning gems non-stop for rares. 😉

The Limited Items for this event:

Sale      LI

Meh. The items are okay…but they’re only available to PMs, unless you’re a non with extra gold in your pockets.

Back to the candy collecting: Not only do you get a rare items as a prize, you get a medal!


Teehee the vamps are winning.  🙂

When I click on a pumpkin, it goes POOF. And then:


I’m pretty sure the black pumpkins are specially for this costume, and the others are for the more orange and “childish” looking costume, if you know what I mean…


My reaction will be like some, but not others: FANTAGE I HAVE FRIENDS WHO HAVE BETTER MANNERS THAN YOUR ROBOTS. It’s weird, seeing people with creepy robots with creepy smiles following them around and um, flirting?! The besties are available Uptown next to the Costume Shop, and Downtown next to the Le Shop. The BFF shop is located in Downtown, in Le Shop.


A rather “attractive” sign.


And the weird price:


4,999? Fantage is becoming more and more… ll no comment ll

It’s like in stores: Blah blah for $5.99. In other words, $6.00 + tax.

Moving on to the BFF shop. I’m surprised it didn’t get it’s own spot, but obviously there’s no room in Uptown since they squeezed MyMall in.




These clothes actually look nice…

I got excited at first that I could buy the BFF Snapback with stars, because there was no PM Star sign. How wrong I was…



Keep Clean~


I honestly don’t get this. Fantage has already gone  a bit too far with the red chat filters, and now this? I mean, Fantage thinks “my” is inappropriate, because they think you’re trying to give away your personal info. But sometimes, people are excited, and they go:

“OH.” “MY. ” “GOSH.”

Anyway, to find out more, go to the “Event Room”. Once again, I got excited when I read this, thinking Fantage created a new place JUST for events…


Yeah. Instead of a room, you get a small sign cramped in front of the school. So, let’s click it:


I skimmed through it all, and then got a free dress for doing absolutely nothing. Great job, asuna!

This just makes me laugh SO much.


Box #1: You know, I doubt most 6-10 year olds KNOW their Social Security number, let alone if they have PHONES. DON’T even get me started on emails.

Box #2: Some kids will definitely go a bit far on this “reporting” thing. It’s not like someone’s going to attack you on Fantage — besides, how can anyone say ANYTHING THE LEAST BIT INSULTING on Fantage these days?? Hello red chat filters <–

Yeah, the boxes #3 and #4 also make me laugh, but I’m too lazy to create a meme about this. Perhaps I’ll suggest it to Princess_Moomoo…

Moving on-

New PM Boutique~

Here we go again. I remember all the shops that were there:

When I joined in 2011, there was the Vintage Shop.

Then, in 2012, there was TnS.

Then, lovely Vintage Gold came along, and left hardly a year later.

Now we’ve got the PM Boutique.

What’s the betting for how long it’ll last?

Me: 1 1/2 years at MOST.


It’s certainly good-looking… (Yeah, I’m mostly saying this ’cause I just LOVE silver & turquoise)

Inside the shop:


It’s still the same background music as VG though…

They created yet ANOTHER Fantagian:


I just ♥ that frilly bow she’s wearing! 🙂

Here’s the rules for rent:


I’m thinking that’s a pretty fair deal…but PMs out there, don’t get excited because you can only mostly rent store items. ._.




I just want to thank all the wonderful people(29,000 views!) who have visited Fantage Artist for tips and ideas on Fantage, and our amazing 96 followers! It’s great to see the blog prospering — the Fantage updates of October will be posted soon!

~ Amyasuna

— Stay tuned to FA!